Should CT/PET (68)Ga-DOTATATE imaging be always used to contour meningiomas GTV for planning Stereotactic Hypofractionated Radiosurgery with CyberKnife?
ASTRO Poster Library, Bogusław Maciejewski, 221546
The Digital Era of Mobile Communications and Smartphones: A Novel Analysis of Patient Comprehension of Cancer-Related Information Available through Mobile Applications on the Apple and Google Play Stores
ASTRO Poster Library, Arpan Prabhu, 222540
The CAROLE Study: An Adaptive Checklist to Improve Efficiency
ASTRO Poster Library, Lindsay Puckett, 222564
A prospective, interventional study evaluating the use of a prompt to improve compliance with documentation of a plan of care for pain in patients with bone metastases seen for palliative radiation therapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Lauren Boreta, 222618
Pediatric Palliative Radiation: Single Institution Practice Patterns and End of Life Outcomes
ASTRO Poster Library, Lindsay Hwang, 222627
Oligometastases - new era of cancer therapy?
ASTRO Poster Library, Aleksandra Napieralska, 222647
Assessing Radiation Oncology Research Training Needs in India
ASTRO Poster Library, Rohini Bhatia, 222744
Secondary malignant neoplasms in patients with medulloblastoma
ASTRO Poster Library, Chonnipa Nantavithya, 222779
Early experience with mobile CT used for external beam radiation therapy simulation and in-room image guidance
ASTRO Poster Library, Yang-Kyun Park, 222843
3D gel dosimetry for commissioning and routing QA in mono and poly-isocentric SRS
ASTRO Poster Library, Daniel Saenz, 222863
Patient-Specific, Tissue-Equivalent Three-Dimensional Printed Bolus Improves Dosimetric Outcomes to Superficial and Irregular Radiation Targets
ASTRO Poster Library, Brandon Dyer, 222882
Diffusing Alpha-emitters Radiation Therapy: template based TPS for brachytherapy of squamous cell skin cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Giacomo Feliciani, 222883
Will Electronic Brachytherapy be a good candidate for Vaginal Cuff Brachytherapy?
ASTRO Poster Library, Vindu Kathriarachchi, 222903
Hybrid Arc: Combining forward IMRT and double arc VMAT in locally advanced rectum cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Yucel Saglam, 222922
Time stability of delta radiomics features extracted from longitudinal CTs
ASTRO Poster Library, Tia Plautz, 222943
Strategies to Optimize SRS Plans for Brain Metastasis with VMAT
ASTRO Poster Library, David Wang, 223043
Adoption of Knowledge-Based Treatment Planning Models
ASTRO Poster Library, Jameson Baker, 223063
Single- and Multi-CT Robust Optimization Improves Robustness to Anatomic Changes in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Treated with Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Nasarachi Onyeuku, 223083
A New Modality Of Automatic Planning For Breast Cancer Radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Gabriella Pastore, 223123
Evaluating the accuracy of commercial deformable image registration software for real patient images using anthropomorphic modeling
ASTRO Poster Library, Bingqi Guo, 223143
A Novel Deep Learning Based Auto Segmentation For Rectum Tumor On MRI Image
ASTRO Poster Library, jiazhou wang, 223163
A Fellow’s Fate: Employment Outcomes of Radiation Oncology Fellowship Graduates
ASTRO Poster Library, Osama Mohamad, 223182
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Selective Internal Radiotherapy with Yttrium-90 Resin Microspheres Versus Sorafenib in Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma
ASTRO Poster Library, Kathryn Marqueen, 223298
Access to Rehabilitation in Radiation Oncology Patients with High-Grade Glioma
ASTRO Poster Library, Samuel Day, 223358
Acute Hospital Encounters in Cancer Patients Treated with Definitive Radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Mallika Marar, 223378
Relationship between Clinicopathological Characteristics and PET/CT Uptakes in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients: 18F-Alfatide versus 18F-FDG
ASTRO Poster Library, Yuchun Wei, 221545
IMRT combined with concurrent S-1 chemotherapy for locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a prospective phase II study
ASTRO Poster Library, Xiaoshuang Niu, 221554
Quality of End of Life Care Among Metastatic Cancer Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Kate Sborov, 222541
The Downstream “Halo” Effect of a Proton Therapy Center on an Academic Medical Center
ASTRO Poster Library, Jill Remick, 222562
Salvage Gamma Knife Radiosurgery following First Treatment: Impact of Relevant Clinical Variables, MRI Features and Dose
ASTRO Poster Library, Benjamin Foster, 222584
Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Atrioventricular Node Ablation in Swine: A Study on Efficacy and Dosimetric Evaluation of Organs at Risk.
ASTRO Poster Library, Paul Ramia, 222600
Outcomes of Spine Stereotactic Radiosurgery for the Treatment of Spine Metastases from Renal Cell Carcinoma
ASTRO Poster Library, Ehsan Balagamwala, 222607
Application of Forcing Functions to Electronic Health Records Results in Improved Pain Control for Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy for Bone Metastases
ASTRO Poster Library, Mark Hurwitz, 222626
Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy for Multiple Targets with Tomotherapy Using Multiple Sets of Static Ports from Different Angles - Pseudo Dynamic-Jaw and Dynamic-Couch Technique -
ASTRO Poster Library, Yoshihiko Manabe, 222646
Institutional experience with the Quad Shot in patients with advanced pelvic or head-and-neck malignancies
ASTRO Poster Library, Gabriel Vidal, 222665
A Simple Intervention to Improve On Treatment Visit Compliance in a Safety Net Patient Population
ASTRO Poster Library, Kimberley Mak, 222687
Radiation Treatment Incidents Are Significantly Reduced Using Modified Treatment Table Parameters and Daily Overrides Report
ASTRO Poster Library, David Majkszak, 222707
ASTRO Poster Library, Yazid Belkacemi, 222727
Feedback for Transition to Practice Training in Radiation Oncology
ASTRO Poster Library, Lara Best, 222743
Physician practice patterns with respect to vertebral body target delineation in the treatment of pediatric patients with craniospinal irradiation
ASTRO Poster Library, Sara Medek, 222778
Factors Associated with Acute Toxicity in Pediatric Patients treated with Proton Radiotherapy: A Report of the Pediatric Proton Consortium Registry
ASTRO Poster Library, Nadia Laack, 222786
Multi-Parametric Imaging Defines Primary Tumor Subregions Enriched at Diagnosis and in Response to Therapy in Patients with Rhabdomyosarcoma
ASTRO Poster Library, John Lucas, 222804
Comparision of 3D printed headrest for pediatric patients and SRS standard headrest in radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Longhui Luo, 222822
Setup time and positioning accuracy in breast radiotherapy using surface guided radiation therapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Susan Kost, 222842
Feasibility study for a measurement of patient dose via N-V center of diamond during radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Sun Young Moon, 222862
On-board cone beam computed tomography as radiotherapy simulation for emergent cases
ASTRO Poster Library, James Raymond, 222902
Variable Gantry and Dose Rate Conformal Arc for Lung and Liver SBRT
ASTRO Poster Library, Sotirios Stathakis, 222926
Initial Feasibility of a Prospective Study Investigating the use of Multiparametric MR Imaging including Intravoxel Incoherent Motion (IVIM) and MR Elastography (MRE) to identify changes after Liver-directed SBRT
ASTRO Poster Library, Christopher Chipko, 222942
Comparison of Spine SRS VMAT plans with Flattening Filter Free 6 MV or 10 MV beams
ASTRO Poster Library, Salim Balik, 222982
Single-Isocenter Volumetric Modulated SBRT for multiple Spinal targets - Plan Quality & Challenges
ASTRO Poster Library, Vangipuram Shankar, 223002
Improving coverage of epidural space in spinal stereotactic body radiation therapy without compromising spinal cord sparing: A feasibility study.
ASTRO Poster Library, Patrick Jensen, 223003
Dosimetric Analysis of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer using MR-Guided Tri-60Co Unit, MR-Guided LINAC, and Conventional LINAC Based Plans
ASTRO Poster Library, Stephen Ramey, 223022
Evaluating the use of combined Gamma Knife/Linac stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) treatments in patients with 10 or more brain metastases
ASTRO Poster Library, Yanisley Valenciaga, 223042
4πVMAT: a novel method to efficiently deliver non-coplanar treatment
ASTRO Poster Library, Qihui Lyu, 223082
Single-Institutional Experience assessing the role of Quality Assurance (QA) CT scans and their impact on Adaptive Planning with Pencil-Beam Scanning Proton Therapy in the setting of Cone Beam CT (CBCT)
ASTRO Poster Library, Elizabeth Nichols, 223122
Fast and Automatic Segmentation of Multiple Organs from ViewRay MR Images using Deep Densely Connected CNN for Adaptive Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
ASTRO Poster Library, Yabo FU, 223142
MRI based Treatment Planning of Spinal Stereotactic Radiation Therapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Jose Teruel, 223162
Relationship Between Citation-Based Scholarly Activity of United States Radiation Oncology Residents and Subsequent Choice of Academic versus Private Practice Career
ASTRO Poster Library, Shearwood McClelland, 223181
Segmenting lung tumors on longitudinal imaging studies via patient specific self adaptive deep learning models
ASTRO Poster Library, Andreas Rimner, 223202
Vector Volume Histogram: New Method to Evaluate Deformed Organ Motion
ASTRO Poster Library, Hideharu Miura, 223223
Design and Evaluation of a Semi-automated Algorithm for Segmentation of Anti-[18F]FACBC (Fluciclovine F18) PET Images for Post-Prostatectomy Radiotherapy.
ASTRO Poster Library, Eduard Schreibmann, 223243
Radiation-Induced Changes in Small World Network of brain in Patients with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: A Structure MRI Imaging Study
ASTRO Poster Library, Gang Yin, 223261
Long-term impact on contouring skills achieved by online learning. An ESTRO-FALCON-IAEA study
ASTRO Poster Library, Jesper Grau Eriksen, 223276
Cost-Effectiveness of Screening for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma with Plasma Epstein-Barr Virus DNA
ASTRO Poster Library, Jeremy Harris, 223297
Non-English Speaking Patients Treated with Breast Cancer Radiotherapy Present with More Advanced Stage Disease than English-Speaking Patients
ASTRO Poster Library, Katy Balazy, 223317
Prostate Cancer Screening Rates in Black and White Men Across the US Before and After 2012 USPSTF Guidelines
ASTRO Poster Library, Daniel Lindsay, 223337
Disparities among Domestic Radiation Oncology (RO) Graduates’ Job Application Patterns and Top Choice Preferences
ASTRO Poster Library, Mudit Chowdhary, 223357
ASTRO Poster Library, Brandon Mahal, 223377
Toward improved cardiac sparing: development and validation of a hybrid MR/CT cardiac segmentation atlas
ASTRO Poster Library, Ahmed Ghanem, 221544
Retropharyngeal Lymph Node Involvement in Human Papillomavirus (HPV)-associated Oropharyngeal Cancer (OPC)
ASTRO Poster Library, Timothy Lin, 221553
Delays in Care For Non-English Speaking Patients with Breast Cancer Undergoing Radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Cecil Benitez, 222560
Treatment of Dupuytren's Contracture Using Electrons in the CT-based Treatment-planning Era
ASTRO Poster Library, Nicholas DeNunzio, 222583
Evaluation of Factors Affecting Local Failure of Radiation for Long Bone Metastasis Following Orthopedic Stabilization
ASTRO Poster Library, Justin Haseltine, 222625
Utilization of the ‘QUAD SHOT’ for Palliating Malignancies of the Head and Neck
ASTRO Poster Library, Joshua Lorenz, 222645
Radiation therapy combined with bone-modifying agents improves local control and prognosis of osteolytic bone metastases in breast cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Hidekazu Tanaka, 222664
Enhancing Quality Improvement With In Radiation Oncology at a Large Teaching Institution: The Survey Says
ASTRO Poster Library, Timothy Meier, 222686
Learning from our mistakes: Enhancing Radiation Oncology residents’ physics education with an Incident Learning System
ASTRO Poster Library, Aileen Kim, 222706
Impact of a continuing quality control review on physics quality management and radiation safety program in a large radiation oncology network: multiyear experience.
ASTRO Poster Library, Greg Bednarz, 222726
Leadership Training for U.S. Radiation Oncology Residents: Results of a Pilot Program
ASTRO Poster Library, Rahul Tendulkar, 222742
A Dosimetric Study to Assess the Feasibility of Prototype Treatment Planning Software for a New Biology-guided Radiotherapy System
ASTRO Poster Library, Jieming Liang, 222821
Assessment of intra-fraction prostate motion and delivered dose accuracy in prostate SBRT using an in-house real-time position monitoring system
ASTRO Poster Library, Sankar Arumugam, 222841
Personalized End-to-End QA in cranial SRS: evaluation of the phantom-to-patient dosimetric equivalency of a 3D printed phantom using film dosimetry
ASTRO Poster Library, Dimitris Makris, 222861
Explore the potential clinical and dosimetric improvements for brain cancer proton beam treatment based on the new delivery and planning technique developments - collimator based Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy and Spot-scanning Proton Arc therapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Xuanfeng Ding, 222881
Patient specific quality assurance for multiple tumor SRS treatment with a single isocenter
ASTRO Poster Library, Hongyu Jiang, 222901
CPAP improves the anatomy and dosimetry of patients undergoing breath-hold motion management for thoracic SBRT.
ASTRO Poster Library, Igor Sadetskii, 222921
Dosimetric Impact of Inter-Fraction Variations in Bladder Filling and Rectal Emptying in Patients Undergoing Prostate SBRT
ASTRO Poster Library, Daniel Gorovets, 223001
Initial Experiences with First North American Deployment of HyperArc Radiosurgery Treatment Planning and Delivery System on the Edge Platform
ASTRO Poster Library, Evan Thomas, 223041
Dosimetric Impact of Diaphragm Motion and Dynamic MLC Interplay in Lower Thoracic Spine Radiosurgery
ASTRO Poster Library, Ning Wen, 223061
Clinically Significant Organ-at-risk Dose Reductions Are Achieved with IMRT Plan Optimization to Clinical Target Volume (CTV) with Setup Uncertainty Analysis
ASTRO Poster Library, Michael LaRiviere, 223081
Power Density Loss and related measures can be used to quantify the dose of Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields)
ASTRO Poster Library, Ze’ev Bomzon, 223101
Implementation of an Automation Tool for Treatment Planning Constraint Designation and Plan Evaluation
ASTRO Poster Library, Jay Burmeister, 223103
Biomechanical Model-Based Deformable Image Registration for Modeling Neck Flexion in Head and Neck Cancer Patients
ASTRO Poster Library, Molly McCulloch, 223121
Endocavity Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging to Evaluate Cervical Cancer Oxygenation: Preliminary Ex Vivo Results
ASTRO Poster Library, Mark Dziemianowicz, 223141
To evaluate the use of a homemade Self-Held Respiration Monitoring Device (SHRMD) for Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) radiotherapy to left breast cancer patients
ASTRO Poster Library, Chi Wah Kong, 223221
Respiratory induced kidney motion revealed by fast volumetric 4D-MRI and its influence on motion management strategy of stereotactic ablative renal radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Yihang Zhou, 223242
Monte Carlo dosimetric study of the GZP 60Co brachytherapy source with stainless steel applicator
ASTRO Poster Library, JunXiang Wu, 223260
Factors Related to Advanced Stage of Cancer Presentation in Botswana
ASTRO Poster Library, Chidinma Anakwenze, 223316
Impact of Mammography Screening Rates on Breast Cancer Mortality in Nevada (NV), California (CA) and US: Implications for Health Care Policy
ASTRO Poster Library, Parvesh Kumar, 223336
Clinical Predictors and Disparities in Surveillance PSA Utilization After Prostate Cancer Treatment
ASTRO Poster Library, Christina Chapman, 223356
Submission of MIPS Quality Metrics via Claims in a Radiation Oncology Practice
ASTRO Poster Library, Join Luh, 223376

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