Radiation therapy combined with bone-modifying agents improves local control and prognosis of osteolytic bone metastases in breast cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Hidekazu Tanaka, 222664
Enhancing Quality Improvement With In Radiation Oncology at a Large Teaching Institution: The Survey Says
ASTRO Poster Library, Timothy Meier, 222686
Learning from our mistakes: Enhancing Radiation Oncology residents’ physics education with an Incident Learning System
ASTRO Poster Library, Aileen Kim, 222706
Leadership Training for U.S. Radiation Oncology Residents: Results of a Pilot Program
ASTRO Poster Library, Rahul Tendulkar, 222742
Patient specific quality assurance for multiple tumor SRS treatment with a single isocenter
ASTRO Poster Library, Hongyu Jiang, 222901
Dosimetric Impact of Diaphragm Motion and Dynamic MLC Interplay in Lower Thoracic Spine Radiosurgery
ASTRO Poster Library, Ning Wen, 223061
Power Density Loss and related measures can be used to quantify the dose of Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields)
ASTRO Poster Library, Ze’ev Bomzon, 223101
Implementation of an Automation Tool for Treatment Planning Constraint Designation and Plan Evaluation
ASTRO Poster Library, Jay Burmeister, 223103
Biomechanical Model-Based Deformable Image Registration for Modeling Neck Flexion in Head and Neck Cancer Patients
ASTRO Poster Library, Molly McCulloch, 223121
Fully Automated Segmentation of the Brain Resection Cavity for Radiation Target Volume Definition in Glioblastoma Patients
ASTRO Poster Library, Evelyn Herrmann, 221543
Radiotherapy Dose-Volume Correlates Predict Videofluoroscopy-Detected Dysphagia Per DIGEST after IMRT for Oropharyngeal Carcinoma : Results of a Prospective Registry
ASTRO Poster Library, Mona Kamal, 221552
Enhancing the Reporting of Radiation Oncology Treatment Details to Central Cancer Registries and the SEER Program: A Report of Pilot Studies in Progress
ASTRO Poster Library, Louis Potters, 222539
Thirty Year Experience with Rosai Dorfman Disease treated with Radiation, Chemotherapy and/or Surgery.
ASTRO Poster Library, Kaitlin Christopherson, 222582
Palliative Radiation Therapy for Spinal Metastasis from Myxoid Liposarcoma
ASTRO Poster Library, Arisa Harada, 222624
Survival for patients with metastatic disease - How good are radiation oncologists at predicting survival?
ASTRO Poster Library, Diane Ling, 222644
Prospective dosimetric evaluation of three radiation delivery techniques for spinal metastases and dosimetric predictors of gastrointestinal toxicity
ASTRO Poster Library, Sonia Skamene, 222663
Quantitative Metric and Automatic Auditing Program (QMAP) Can be Applied to Regional Sites to Improve Quality and Consistency
ASTRO Poster Library, Danielle LaHurd, 222685
Incident Patterns in an Integrated Radiation Oncology Network: Implications of Centralized Quality Review
ASTRO Poster Library, Beant Gill, 222704
Development of Best Practices of Peer Review in Lung Radiation Therapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Anand Swaminath, 222725
Communicating the External Beam Radiation Experience (CEBRE): A Novel Graphic Narrative Patient Education Tool
ASTRO Poster Library, Ritu Arya, 222741
Primary Site Irradiation using Proton Therapy in Young Children with Medulloblastoma
ASTRO Poster Library, Amardeep Grewal, 222766
Low Dose Rate in Preventing Pulmonary Toxicities for Pediatric Total Body Irradiation Patients
ASTRO Poster Library, Natalie Boyce, 222784
Proton versus photon radiation therapy for pediatric head and neck rhabdomyosarcoma: disease control, overall survival, and toxicity
ASTRO Poster Library, Dana Casey, 222802
Whole-Brain Hippocampal-Sparing Treatment Planning on a Novel Jawless Linear Accelerator
ASTRO Poster Library, Ronald Lalonde, 222820
The application of a new 3D printed individualized bolus system for superficial lesions with irregular surface
ASTRO Poster Library, Min Zhang, 222840
Retrospective Study of the Correlation between Radiation Isocenter Shifts and the Delivered Dose in Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Shelby Lane, 222860
Could the jawless flattening-filter-free double-MLC layer machine reduce low-dose regions compared to conventional linear accelerator for large-field pelvic and abdominal IMRT/VMAT cases?
ASTRO Poster Library, Si Young Jang, 222900
Evaluation of irregular surface compensator technique using FFF for DIBH left-side breast radiation
ASTRO Poster Library, Jean Peng, 222920
Development and Implementation of a Patient Experience Open House for Medical Students: Impact on Knowledge and Interest in Radiation Oncology
ASTRO Poster Library, Kaleigh Doke, 222960
Radio-Dynamic Therapy (RDT) Which Combines Cerenkov-Induced PDT And RT
ASTRO Poster Library, Quanshi Zhang, 222980
Dosimetry differences between treatment plans computed with Finite size pencil beam algorithm and Monte Carlo algorithm using InCise™ Multileaf collimators equipped CyberKnife® CK-MLC
ASTRO Poster Library, Kalpani Nisansala U Galpayage Dona, 223000
Evaluation of a prototype treatment planning system (TPS) for biology-guided radiotherapy (BgRT) in the context of stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for oligo-metastases
ASTRO Poster Library, Julien Partouche, 223020
The Feasibility of Simultaneous Integrated Boost to Dominant Intra-Prostatic Lesions (DIL) in Prostate Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)
ASTRO Poster Library, Justin Tang, 223040
Patient specific 3D printed prostate phantom for dosimetric verification of robotic prostate SBRT with simultaneous integrated dose escalation
ASTRO Poster Library, Suhong Yu, 223060
Clinical Application of a Novel Voxel- and Machine Learning-based Automated Planning Method for Prostate Volumetric Arc Radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Alejandro Berlin, 223100
The Investigation of a Decision Support Metric for Head and Neck Adaptive Radiation Therapy using a Real-Time In-Vivo Portal Dosimetry System
ASTRO Poster Library, Seng Lim, 223120
Deformable registration between pre-operative PET-CT and post-operative simulation CT images aiming to improve the accuracy of the tumor bed definition.
ASTRO Poster Library, Giovanna Dipasquale, 223140
Optimalization of choice of the SUV of the PET (68)Ga-DOTATATE imaging to achieve highest precision for contouring the GTV of meningiomas in accuracy Stereotactic Hypofractionated Radiosurgery CyberKnife
ASTRO Poster Library, Bogusław Maciejewski, 223147
Evaluation of Three Deformable Image Registration Techniques Between CT and CBCT in Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Sara Pirozzi, 223160
Perceptions and Patterns in Academic Publishing: A Survey of United States Residents in Radiation Oncology
ASTRO Poster Library, Antony Koroulakis, 223179
Estimation Geometric Uncertainty of Dynamic Tracking Technique for Lung Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, satoshi kito, 223220
Interfraction duodenal dose-surface map changes with and without abdominal compression
ASTRO Poster Library, Alon Witztum, 223241
A Window to Internet-Based Information Seeking of US Fourth-Year Medical Students: Are Radiation Oncology Residency Program Websites Comprehensive?
ASTRO Poster Library, Arpan Prabhu, 223274
Can Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Radiotherapy (DIBH) for Breast Cancers be cost effective in developing nations?
ASTRO Poster Library, Moses Arunsingh, 223295
Factors Predicting for Patient Refusal of Definitive Treatment in Non-Metastatic Head and Neck Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Arya Amini, 223315
Financial Toxicity Predicts Survival Following Chemoradiotherapy for Locally Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer in a Socioeconomically Diverse Population
ASTRO Poster Library, Nitin Ohri, 223335
Insurance Approval for Proton Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer: One Cancer Centers Experience
ASTRO Poster Library, Eric Brooks, 223355
Pre-Treatment Multidisciplinary Care Minimally Increases Time to Treatment Initiation of Head and Neck Therapy for Elderly Patients
ASTRO Poster Library, Brooke Leachman, 223375
Incidence of Radiographically Occult Nodal Metastases in HPV-Driven Oropharyngeal Carcinoma: Implications for Reducing Elective Nodal Coverage
ASTRO Poster Library, Jacqueline Kelly, 221551
Reasons for Screen Failure Among Patients Identified As Candidates for a Phase 2 Study of 5-fraction Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) for Oligometastatic Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Rebecca Wong, 222538
Clinical trial accrual and patient survival in oncology
ASTRO Poster Library, Nicholas Zaorsky, 222558
Linear Accelerator-Based Frameless Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia with Optical Surface Monitoring: A Community Cancer Center Experience
ASTRO Poster Library, Brian Chou, 222581
The Role of Postoperative Radiotherapy in the Resectable Desmoid Tumors of the Neck: A Case-control Study
ASTRO Poster Library, Xiaoshuang Niu, 222587
Multidisciplinary Approach to Endobronchial HDR Brachytherapy Provides a Safe and Effective Alternative to External Beam Radiation for Palliating Malignant Airway Obstruction
ASTRO Poster Library, John Swanson, 222604
Trends in Regimen for Palliative Radiation Therapy of Bone Metastases in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Pamela Samson, 222623
Documentation and considerations for informal caregivers to end of life patients
ASTRO Poster Library, Charlotte Lee, 222643
Prospective Pilot Comparison Of Acute Gastrointestinal Toxicities And Quality Of Life Among Patients With Spinal Metastases Receiving Radiation Therapy Delivered With Three Planning Techniques
ASTRO Poster Library, Diana Shi, 222662
Risk Assessment in HDR Brachytherapy using AAPM TG 100 Methodology
ASTRO Poster Library, Wanbao Gao, 222703
Community Radiation Oncology Rapid Contouring Quality Assurance and Case Review: 6 month Experience
ASTRO Poster Library, Jessica Schuster, 222724
Creation and Implementation of High-Fidelity Computer-Based Simulation to Improve Resident Competency in Radiotherapy Treatment Plan Evaluation
ASTRO Poster Library, Jenna Adleman, 222739
Predictive factors associated with radiation myelitis in pediatric cancer patients: results from the Pediatric Normal Tissue Effects in the Clinic (PENTEC) initiative
ASTRO Poster Library, Benjamin Cooper, 222765
A New Comprehensive Ototoxicity Grading Scale applied in a large Medulloblastoma Cohort
ASTRO Poster Library, Torunn Yock, 222783
Predictors of facial asymmetry in childhood and young adult head and neck sarcoma treated with radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Sahaja Acharya, 222801
Quality assurance of small animal irradiation: validation of a 3D-printed phantom for “quasi in-vivo” dosimetry
ASTRO Poster Library, Giovanna Dipasquale, 222819
Improved dose distribution with 3D printed vaginal cylinder applicator for VariSource HDR afterloader
ASTRO Poster Library, Yang Xu, 222839
Investigation of dosimetric impact arising from the Cyberknife Xsight Lung tracking system using different Synchrony models
ASTRO Poster Library, Chi Wah Kong, 222859
Total Body Irradiation Techniques: Patterns of Care with Advanced Technology
ASTRO Poster Library, Indra Das, 222879
Do Interfraction Changes in Lung Target Volume Lead to Increased Pre-treatment Registration Variability?
ASTRO Poster Library, Jalal Hyder, 222899
ASTRO Poster Library, Justin Owen, 222919
Big Data Analysis of Treatment Process Time for the Real-time-image Gated-spot-scanning Proton-beam Therapy (RGPT) System
ASTRO Poster Library, Takaaki Yoshimura, 222939
Mentorship needs for radiation oncology residents: implications for program design
ASTRO Poster Library, Jennifer Croke, 222959
A Model-Based Method for Assessment of OAR and PTV Dosimetry in VMAT Planning on Head-and-Neck Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Honglai Zhang, 222979
A Dosimetric Analysis of Dorsal Nerve Root Ablation Therapy using a Virtual Cone Technique
ASTRO Poster Library, D. Michael Lovelock, 222999
Longitudinal Assessment of Anchored Radio-frequency Transponder Displacement Following Lung Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Andrew McDonald, 223019
Characterization of interfractional ITV volume change in pancreas cancer patients treated with SBRT
ASTRO Poster Library, Vikren Sarkar, 223039
Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) for preoperative partial breast radiosurgery: a single-institution experience
ASTRO Poster Library, Sua Yoo, 223059
Feasibility Study for 3-Dimensional Treatment Planning with Flattening Filter Free (FFF) Beam and Jawless Dual-Level MLC Collimation for Breast Irradiation
ASTRO Poster Library, Hayeon Kim, 223079
A technique to rapidly generate synthetic CT for MRI-guided online replanning of lung tumors
ASTRO Poster Library, Ergun Ahunbay, 223099
Deformation-guided hybrid approach for interfractional variations
ASTRO Poster Library, Sara LIM, 223119
Adaptive Deformable Registration and Fusion for Fractionated Stereotactic Radiosurgery Using a Small Animal Irradiator
ASTRO Poster Library, Paul Black, 223139
functional MRI: a window into the effects of tumors and radiotherapy on the brain's resting state cortical networks
ASTRO Poster Library, Tim Mitchell, 223159
The Resident Individual Development Plan as a Guide for Radiation Oncology Mentorship
ASTRO Poster Library, Huaising Ko, 223178
Radiation Oncology Education for Medical Oncology Fellowship Trainees: A Pilot Needs Assessment
ASTRO Poster Library, Nitika Paudel, 223187
Application of 18F-FLT PET/CT in guiding delineation of biological target volume of head and neck cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Chunping Yao, 223199
Dosimetric analysis of multiple breath-hold segmented volumetric modulated arc radiation therapy plans with and without fiducial markers for pancreatic cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Wataru Kawakami, 223219
4DCT-based Correlation of Respiratory Motion of Lung Tumors With Implanted Fiducials and an External Surrogate
ASTRO Poster Library, Jonas Willmann, 223240
Impact of inter-patient image registration algorithms on the analysis of local dose differences associated with radiation-induced morbidity
ASTRO Poster Library, Giuseppe Palma, 223258
Economic Impact of Decreasing the Number of Fractions in Posoperative Brachytherapy of Endometrial Carcinoma by One Third.
ASTRO Poster Library, Angeles Rovirosa, 223283
Clinical benefit of induction chemotherapy in locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma treated with concurrent chemo-radiotherapy according to ASCO and ESMO frameworks.
ASTRO Poster Library, Yu Yang Soon, 223303
Customized Text Messaging to Assist Cancer Patients with Diet, Nutrition and Activity: a Pilot Study
ASTRO Poster Library, Alyssa Asaro, 223354
Re-Irradiation of Trigeminal Neuralgia with LINAC-Based Stereotactic Radiosurgery
ASTRO Poster Library, Joshua Binks, 222580
Proposal of a Comprehensive Ototoxicity Grading Scale for Radiation- and Chemotherapy-Induced Hearing Loss
ASTRO Poster Library, Johnnie Bass, 222764
Pediatric Central Nervous System Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor: Early and Aggressive Post-Operative Radiation Therapy Provides Better Outcome
ASTRO Poster Library, Wan-Chin Yang, 222782
Efficacy of Proton Therapy on Locoregional Control in Neuroblastoma
ASTRO Poster Library, Alex Bagley, 222800
Image verification accuracy of a novel patient positioning system with four X-ray tubes and flat panel detectors in first clinical use of the world
ASTRO Poster Library, Gen Kawaguchi, 222818
Assessment of Absolute Dose Rate in Tungsten-Shielded Applicators for High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy: Comparing Results Between Advanced Dose Calculation Methodologies and Physical Measurements
ASTRO Poster Library, Christopher Tien, 222938
Radiotherapy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Russia: A Survey-Based Analysis of Current Practice and the Impact of an Educational Workshop on Clinical Expertise
ASTRO Poster Library, Marina Chernich, 222958
Application of Machine Learning Techniques for Accurate Dose Calculation of Electron Treatment with Small and Irregular Fields
ASTRO Poster Library, Bin Han, 222978
Treating benign cranial lesions - treatment planning system comparison
ASTRO Poster Library, Dan Epstein, 222998
Dosimetric Impacts of Variations in Organ at Risks Delineation during Lung Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Dominique Mathieu, 223158

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