A preliminary study on the use of multiplexed sensitivity encoding for geometric distortion reduction in MRI simulation in radiotherap
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A Phase II Study of Radiotherapy Deintensification for HPV-Associated Oropharyngeal Carcinomas: Long-Term Oncologic and Toxicity Results
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Persistent use of extended fractionation palliative radiotherapy for Medicare beneficiaries with metastatic breast cancer: 2011-2014
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Obesity predicts poor outcomes to stereotactic radiosurgery for trigeminal neuralgia
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The influence of breast cancer subtype on survival after palliative radiation for osseous metastases.
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Validation of a RPA prognostic model to predict overall survival in patients treated with bone metastases
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Utilization of Short Course Fractionation for Bone Metastases at an Academic Medical Center: Durable Influence of the 2013 Choosing Wisely Campaign and Regular Residency Education in Palliative Care
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The Safety and Efficacy of SBRT for locoregional recurrences after prior chemoradiation for advanced esophageal carcinoma
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The Complete Prospective QA Picture: The Importance of Physician Involvement in FMEA
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Implementation of a Web-based Platform to Improve Radiation Oncology Education and Quality in India
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Standardization of Oncology Resident Handover Notes in Order to Improve Patient Safety
ASTRO Poster Library, Mohamed Abdi, 222738
Commissioning and Clinical Implementation of a Laying Down Technique for Total Skin Irradiation
ASTRO Poster Library, Qiuwen Wu, 222838
Profile- and output-determined Prp output corrections for a Varian TrueBeam and Elekta Versa HD
ASTRO Poster Library, Darryl Kaurin, 222858
Normal Brain Dose and Treatment Efficiency of Coplanar-Only IMRT/VMAT plans for Glioblastoma Multiforme using a Novel Ring Gantry Linac Delivery System
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Implementation of Resident-Driven Art and Humanities Curriculum to Improve Wellness in Radiation Oncology: Preliminary Results
ASTRO Poster Library, Tasneem Kaleem, 222967
Rectal Dose Reduction Using Perirectal Hydrogel Spacers in Men with Prostate Cancer Treated with Stereotactic Ablative Radiation Therapy (SABR)
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An Analysis of Geometric Distortion in a 3T MRI Scanner Used for Intracranial Radiosurgery
ASTRO Poster Library, Ergys Subashi, 223038
Liver SBRT planning template: a simple, novel tool to improve planning efficiency
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Dosimetric evaluation of treatment plans for a biology-guided radiotherapy system in treatment of nasopharyngeal cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Chunhui Han, 223078
Commissioning grid-based LBTE algorithm for lung SBRT using cylindrical 3D-array detector phantom with and without air cavity
ASTRO Poster Library, Jerome Haw Hwong Yap, 223098
Clinical implementation of an in-house developed plan quality control tool to guarantee high quality automatically generated radiotherapy plans for prostate cancer patients
ASTRO Poster Library, Martijn Kusters, 223118
Dosimetric Variations Assessed with CBCT for Head and Neck Cancer Radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Jinyu Xue, 223138
A Pilot Curriculum for Transitioning from 2D to 3D Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning in Low Income Countries (LIC): Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) as a model.
ASTRO Poster Library, Chika Nwachukwu, 223186
Automated Vessel Segmentation in Pancreas 4D-MRI using a Novel Transferred Convolutional Neural Network
ASTRO Poster Library, Wensha Yang, 223198
Effect of a Device-Free Compressed Shell Fixation Method on Hepatic Respiratory Movement
ASTRO Poster Library, Shingo Hashimoto, 223218
Prediction of the parotid and rectum mean dose based on retrospective data analysis of overlapping between parotid and rectum with planning target volume (PTV): institutional planning tool to improve the treatment plan quality
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Complementary Medicine, Refusal of Conventional Cancer Therapy, and Survival Among Patients with Curable Cancers
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Attitudes toward pre-operative short-course radiation therapy for rectal cancer among US radiation oncologists
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Temporal Changes in Types of Services Submitted for Medicare Reimbursement by Radiation Oncologist
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Treatment-Related Complications of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy: An Analysis of the Nationwide Emergency Department Sample
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The Primary Tumor Invasion and Soluble Interleukin-2 Receptor as Prognostic Factors for Localized Nasal NK/T-cell Lymphoma: the Multi-institutional Retrospective Study (NKEA project) in Japan.
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High Dose Methotrexate Based Chemotherapy and Response Adapted Whole Brain Radiotherapy in Primary CNS Lymphoma
ASTRO Poster Library, Ahitagni Biswas, 221539
Lung, Renal, Thyroid and Cataract Toxicities after Myeloablative Total Marrow Irradiation (TMI) in Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (HCT)
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Successful Management of Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma involving the Mesentery with Volumetric Image Guided Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
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Comparison of Radiation Techniques in Lower Mediastinal Lymphoma
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Involved-site Radiotherapy for H. Pylori-independent Gastric MALT Lymphoma: 26 Years of Experience with 178 Patients
ASTRO Poster Library, Amy Xu, 221535
In Patients Over 65, Consolidative Radiation for Early Stage Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma is Associated With Decreased Hematologic Toxicity and Hospitalizations After RCHOP Compared with RCHOP Alone
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Prognostic Factors and Patterns of Failure in Advanced Stage Hodgkin Lymphoma Treated with Stanford V and Radiotherapy
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The Outcomes of Patients with Unfavorable Stage I-II Classic Hodgkin Lymphoma Treated with Stanford V Chemotherapy and Limited Irradiation
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Comparison of Local Failure and Radionecrosis According to Dose Prescription for Small to Medium Sized Brain Metastasis treated with Radiosurgery
ASTRO Poster Library, Fabio Moraes, 221902
Neuroanatomical differences in the brains of cerebral metastasized breast cancer patients:meningeal carcinomatosa patients vs. brain oligometastatic patients vs. multiple metastastic brain patients
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Outcome and toxicity of Hypofractionationated conformal radiotherapy(HCRT) in Early glottis Cancer, A baseline for comparison in the IMRT Era
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Effect of nutritional supplement in patients with local advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma receiving definitive radio-chemotherapy: a prospective, randomized, controlled trial(NCT02948699)
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the role of radiotherapy in refractory or relapsing diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
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Predictors of Distant Failure in Locally Advanced p16-positive Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
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Single-Isocenter, Volumetric Modulated Arc Radiosurgery for Multiple Brain Metastases in a Single Session
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Should Depth of Invasion Determine the Need for Postoperative Radiation Therapy in Early-Stage Oral Tongue Cancer
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ASTRO Poster Library, Shivam Kharod, 221732
Incidence and Outcomes of HPV-associated Head and Neck Cancers in the United States: A Large Population-Based Analysis
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Patterns of Failure and Clinical Outcomes of Post-operative Buccal Mucosa Cancers Treated with Ipsilateral Radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Satyajeet Rath, 221784
Randomized Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase III trial Evaluating the Effect of Oral glutamine on Radiation-induced Oral Mucositis and Neck Dermatitis in Head and Neck Cancer Patients
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Clinical, Dosimetric, and Radiographic Predictors of Local Failure Following Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Melanoma Brain Metastases
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Radiation effects in patients with CD19 and CD30 targeted agents
ASTRO Poster Library, Ruby Meredith, 221819
Radiotherapy for Adult Soft Tissue Sarcomas of the Head and Neck
ASTRO Poster Library, Lillie O'steen, 221830
Patterns of failure after postoperative intensity-modulated radiotherapy for locally advanced buccal cancer: Initial masticator space involvement is the key factor of recurrence
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Spine stereotactic radiosurgery in the treatment of metastatic pheochromocytoma: an updated case series
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The Role of Dose-Escalation and Proton Therapy in Chondrosarcoma Treated with Perioperative Radiotherapy or Definitive Radiotherapy - an Analysis of the National Cancer Database
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Neutron Radiotherapy and Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Boost for Locally Advanced Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma with Skull base Invasion
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The impact of image guided radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal cancer patients
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Local failure and radionecrosis following single fraction stereotactic radiosurgery for surgical cavities from brain metastases
ASTRO Poster Library, Fabio Moraes, 221903
Severe lymphopenia after chemoradiation treatment is associated with worse survival in patients with newly diagnosed GBM
ASTRO Poster Library, Andrew Song, 221922
SBRT for spine lesions: A novel optimized delivery technique
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Monte-Carlo Based Total-Body Irradiation Using Linac-Based Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy
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Radiation Treatment outcome with Reduce clinical target volume (CTV) in patients with oropharynx cancer
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Quantitative MR measurements of mean diffusivity in glioblastoma patients with Tumor Treating Fields plus standard therapy versus standard treatment alone
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Induction chemotherapy with paclitaxel liposome, nedaplatin, and fluorouracil in patients with locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a phase II study
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Long-term Outcome of Sensorineural and Conductive Hearing Loss Following Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
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Spine Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy with Concurrent Systemic Therapies for Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer
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Metalloproteinase inhibitor 4 to vascular endothelial growth factor A ratio is a prognostic factor of chemoradiation in glioblastoma
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Reirradiation of Recurrent High Grade Gliomas: Outcomes and Prognostic Factors
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Prognostic and functional characterization of AQP1 and AQP4 in patients with glioma based on TCGA database
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A Retrospective Study of 3D-CRT/IMRT and Concomitant Intra-arterial Chemotherapy for Maxillary Sinus Carcinoma
ASTRO Poster Library, Jun Hashiba, 222062
Precision of two low-dose abdomen/pelvis CBCT protocols for alignment to bone and soft tissue in pediatric patients receiving image-guided radiation therapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Avani Rao, 221522
Risk-Based Optimization of Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy Guideline for Post-Operative Oral Cavity Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Kun-Yao Dai, 221652
Radiation therapy for salivary gland MALT lymphoma: Ultra low dose treatment spares salivary function and achieves excellent outcomes
ASTRO Poster Library, Jillian Gunther, 221667
Stereotactic radiosurgery for hemorrhagic brain metastases from malignant melanoma
ASTRO Poster Library, Kristine Bauer-Nilsen, 221685
Outcomes Following Radiation for Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma (cSCC)
ASTRO Poster Library, Mona Arbab, 221700
Validation and optimization of a web-based nomogram for predicting survival of patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma
ASTRO Poster Library, Nalee Kim, 221718
Failure patterns of distant metastasis after intensity-modulated radiotherapy in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma
ASTRO Poster Library, Min Kang, 221724
Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Vestibular Schwannoma: Longitudinal Radiographic Outcomes Single and Fractionated Treatments.
ASTRO Poster Library, Mohamed Khattab, 221737
Validation of the 8th Edition of the UICC/AJCC Staging System for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma From non-Endemic Areas in the Era of Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Mei Lan, 221753
Impact of HIV Status on Treatment Outcomes in Head and Neck Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Connor O'Hare, 221778
Concurrent Immunotherapy Usage and Asymmetric Growth May Distinguish True Progression from Treatment Effect in Growing Brain Metastases after Stereotactic Radiosurgery
ASTRO Poster Library, Luke Peng, 221782
Temporal Lobe Radiation Necrosis After Proton Re-irradiation Therapy Involving the Skull Base
ASTRO Poster Library, Anna Lee, 221801
Correlation of magnetic resonance imaging apparent diffusion coeffecient values with treatment outcome in high grade glioma patients undergoing concurrent chemoradiation
ASTRO Poster Library, Vikram Manoor Maiya, 221809
Bone Event: a new surrogate to solitary plasmacytoma
ASTRO Poster Library, Geovanne Mauro, 221814
Lymphopenia During Radiotherapy In Patients With Oropharyngeal Cancer: Does It Affect Survival Outcomes?
ASTRO Poster Library, Sweet Ping Ng, 221829
Definitive treatment of a risky region: The efficacy and toxicities of high dose rate brachytherapy for non-melanomatous skin cancers of the extremities
ASTRO Poster Library, Kyle Stang, 221845
Patterns of Local Failures and Suggestions for Reduction of Clinical Target Volume for NasopharyngealCarcinoma Patients Without Cervical Lymph Node Metastasis
ASTRO Poster Library, Yujiao Li, 221848
Radiation-induced vascular malformations mimicking tumor in MRI-based treatment response assessment maps (TRAMs)
ASTRO Poster Library, Yael Mardor, 221861
Higher Volume Facilities are Associated with the Delivery of Lower Dose Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma
ASTRO Poster Library, Joseph Miccio, 221899
Feasibility of Hippocampal Dose-volume Parameters Associated with Memory Decline in Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for Supratentorial Tumors
ASTRO Poster Library, Shigeo Takahashi, 221980
Radiation Dose-Volume Tolerance for Hypofractionated Head-and-Neck Retreatments: A Report from the HyTEC Normal Tissue Complication Probability Working Group for Carotid Blowout Syndrome
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Radiotherapy in Extracranial Chondrosarcomas: A multicenter French Sarcoma Group and Rare Cancer Network study
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Outcomes of Proton and Carbon Ion Radiotherapy for Head and Neck Sarcomas
ASTRO Poster Library, Jing Yang, 221999
A proposal of N classification based on quantitative metastatic lymph node regions in nasopharyngeal carcinoma
ASTRO Poster Library, Xin Zhou, 222018
Propensity-matched Analysis of Prognosis following Whole Brain Radiotherapy Alone versus Whole Brain Radiotherapy Combined with Local Boost in Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients with Brain Metastases
ASTRO Poster Library, Qingyang Zhuang, 222020
Consensus Guidelines for Target Volume Definition of the Sacrum in Spinal Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)
ASTRO Poster Library, Emma Dunne, 222041
Radiomics prediction of radiation treatment outcomes in oropharyngeal cancer: a clinical and image repository in concert with The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA)
ASTRO Poster Library, Hesham Elhalawani, 222043
Dose-volume histogram (DVH) patterns within the salivary glands and clinical parameters predict xerostomia in head and neck cancer (HNC) patients, from injury to recovery
ASTRO Poster Library, Peijin Han, 222061

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