Isotoxic Dose Escalation with Real-Time Imaging on an MR-Linac in Lung Radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Louise Bendall, 221571
Internal mammary lymph nodes involvement in patients with breast cancer: anatomical characteristics and implication for target definition
ASTRO Poster Library, Yujie Wang, 222551
Randomized, prospective, open-label phase III trial comparing β-sitosterol (mebo®) ointment with trolamine (biafine®) cream for the management of acute skin reaction during radiotherapy for breast cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Fady Geara, 222571
Analysis of Prognostic Factors and Clinical Outcomes in Isolated Paraaortic Lymph Node Recurrence of Uterine Cervical Carcinoma
ASTRO Poster Library, Chung-Shih Chen, 222609
Validation of Pre-Brachytherapy MRI-guided, CT-Based Intracavitary High Dose Rate Treatment of Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer Using Deformable Image Registration
ASTRO Poster Library, Brandon Dyer, 222630
Concurrent Weekly Cisplatin Versus Triweekly Cisplatin Alone with Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Local Advanced Cervical Cancer: A Meta-analysis Result
ASTRO Poster Library, Shengjun Ji, 222650
ASTRO Poster Library, Constantine Mantz, 222669
Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy or 3D Conformal Radiotherapy Combined with Brachytherapy and Concurrent Chemoradiothearpy in Advanced Cervical Cancer: A retrospective multicenter study.
ASTRO Poster Library, Junfang Yan, 222709
Image-based Multichannel Vaginal Cylinder Brachytherapy for the Definitive Treatment of Vaginal Cancers
ASTRO Poster Library, Brian Gebhardt, 222810
Palliative Radiotherapy Near the End of Life in Lung Cancer Patients: a Population-Based Analysis
ASTRO Poster Library, Ian Fraser, 222828
Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Thoracic Malignancies: An Analysis of MR-Guided Radiation Therapy Gating Tracking Accuracy
ASTRO Poster Library, Bin Cai, 222848
Early Outcomes and Toxicity After Dose Escalated Radiotherapy using a Simultaneous Integrated Boost Technique for Locally Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
ASTRO Poster Library, Matthew Johnson, 222949
How Should We Proceed With ypN+ Breast Cancer Following Positive Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy?
ASTRO Poster Library, Chelsea Miller, 222972
Impact of Corticosteroid Administration on Outcomes Following Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Hongqi LI, 222989
Postoperative Radiotherapy Has no Effect in Improving the Survival of Patients Aged ≤55 years with Completely Resected Pathological Stage ⅢA-N2 Non-small-cell Lung Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Yu Men, 223009
Effects of Circumferential Bronchial Tree Irradiation on the Development of Radiation Pneumonitis Following Lung SBRT
ASTRO Poster Library, Lindsy Pang, 223029
Treatment outcomes of radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy for postoperative locoregional recurrence of non-small cell lung cancer.
ASTRO Poster Library, Satoshi Senoo, 223049
The Patient Dignity Question and Enhancing Personhood in Radiation Oncology Clinical Encounters
ASTRO Poster Library, Jeff Burkeen, 223176
Patient Reported Outcomes and Cosmesis Following Once Weekly Hypofractionated Breast Irradiation
ASTRO Poster Library, Harriet Eldredge-Hindy, 223191
A Multidisciplinary Clinical Experience in Sexual Health Care for Oncology Patients
ASTRO Poster Library, Adele Duimering, 223268
Improving Reproducibility and Inter-Rater Reliability for Lumpectomy Cavity Boost Contouring in Breast Cancer Patients Using a 3-D Bio-Absorbable Tissue Marker
ASTRO Poster Library, Mustafa Abugideiri, 223287
Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation in Guideline-Defined Suitable and Cautionary Patients
ASTRO Poster Library, Kelly Fitzgerald, 223308
Patterns of Care of Adjuvant Radiation Therapy After Lumpectomy and Survival in T1N0M0 Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Anna Lee, 223327
Use of Three-dimensional Ultrasound for Daily Positioning in Patients Treated with Partial Breast Radiation Therapy: Results from a Prospective Clinical Trial
ASTRO Poster Library, Mutlay Sayan, 223347
Low-dose Irradiation as Response Modifier to Maximize the Abscopal Effect and Synergize with Immunotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Limei Yin, 221561
Normal Tissue Doses during Isotoxically Dose Escalated Lung Radiotherapy using MR-Linacs
ASTRO Poster Library, Louise Bendall, 221570
Incidence of Breast Lymphedema and Predictors of its Development in Patients Receiving Whole Breast Radiation Therapy Alone after Breast-Conservation Surgery
ASTRO Poster Library, Rohit Ganju, 222570
The Impact of Chemotherapy on Toxicity and Cosmetic Outcome in Patients Receiving Hypofractionated Whole Breast Irradiation
ASTRO Poster Library, Jane Spann, 222590
Effect of Radiation Boost Modality in Overall Survival of Cervical Cancer Patients
ASTRO Poster Library, Tithi Biswas, 222608
Transition from 2D to 3D Image Guided Brachytherapy for Cervical Carcinomas in a Developing Country: Challenges and Early Results
ASTRO Poster Library, Abdulmajeed Dayyat, 222629
Lymph Node-Directed Simultaneous Integrated Boost in Patients with Clinically Lymph Node-Positive Cervical Cancer Treated with Definitive Chemoradiation: Clinical Outcomes and Toxicity
ASTRO Poster Library, Krishan Jethwa, 222649
Understanding the Underutilization of Cervical Brachytherapy for Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Ting Martin Ma, 222668
Prognostic value and kinetics of neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio prior to and during definitive chemoradiotherapy for intact cervical cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Nicolas Prionas, 222688
Preliminary Results of Intracavitary/Interstitial MRI/CT-Based Cervix Brachytherapy using non intracavitary/interstitial (IC/IS) dedicated applicator.
ASTRO Poster Library, Takashi Uno, 222708
Characterization of the Tumor Microenvironment (TME) with Quantitative Multiplex Immunofluorescence (qMIF) in a cohort of Neoadjuvant Breast Cancer (BC) patients: a pilot analysis
ASTRO Poster Library, Christine Chin, 222753
Outcomes Following Salvage Radiation Therapy for Recurrent Endometrial Cancer in Patients with No Prior Adjuvant Therapy -- An Institutional Review
ASTRO Poster Library, Charles Vu, 222768
Adjuvant radiation therapy for vulvar squamous cell carcinoma: does p16-positivity influence locoregional control?
ASTRO Poster Library, Michael Dohopolski, 222809
Dosimetric Predictors of Cardiotoxicity in Thoracic Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Jenna Borkenhagen, 222817
Predictors of Local Control and Symptomatic Pneumonitis After Lung SBRT
ASTRO Poster Library, Sean Parker, 222837
SBRT for Early Stage Lung Cancer: Outcomes from Biopsy-proven and Empirically Treated Lesions Treated Over a 10 year Period at a Single Institution
ASTRO Poster Library, Shaakir Hasan, 222868
Predicting per-lesion local recurrence in locally advanced lung cancer using metabolic tumor volume on pre- and mid-radiation FDG-PET
ASTRO Poster Library, Michael Binkley, 222888
Characteristics of EGFR, ALK, or KRAS Mutant Positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Patients Treated in a Single Institution
ASTRO Poster Library, Eric Chung, 222908
Radiotherapy combined with Iressa for patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer who couldn’t receive surgery or concurrent chemoradiotherapy: the preliminary results of a phase II clinical trial
ASTRO Poster Library, Zhixue Fu, 222928
Avoiding Highly Functional Ventilation Zones as Defined by 4D Simulation Decreases the Risk of Radiation Pneumonitis During Proton Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Varsha Jain, 222948
Breast board comined with a thermoplastic head mask immobilization can improve the reproducibility of the treatment setup for breast cancer patients who received both whole breast and supraclavicular nodal region irradiation
ASTRO Poster Library, Mingwei Ma, 222971
Discordance in Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Mutation Status between Primary and Paired Distant Metastatic Tumors in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
ASTRO Poster Library, Chia Ching Lee, 222988
Effect of Adding Induction or Adjuvant Chemotherapy to Concurent Cheomradiation Therapy for Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer on Radiation Pneumonitis Assessed by Lung FDG Uptake and Clinician and Patient-Reported Symptoms
ASTRO Poster Library, Matthew McKeever, 223008
Single nucleotide polymorphisms of inflammation-related genes as predictive risk factors of radiation pneumonitis after stereotactic body radiation therapy for stage I non-small cell lung cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Hiroshi Onishi, 223017
Pre-treatment Serum Bicarbonate Predicts for Local Failure after Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) in Patients with Localized Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Nikhil Sebastian, 223048
The influence of technical delivery factors on local control with Stereotactic Body Radiation for early stage non-small cell lung cancer (e-NSCLC).
ASTRO Poster Library, Kevin Stephans, 223068
Shrinkage of tumor volume during stereotactic body radiotherapy related to better prognosis in patients with stage I non-small-cell lung cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Nam Vu, 223089
Clinical Outcome and Toxicity Predictors of Thoracic Re-irradiation for Locoregionally Recurrent Lung Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Wen-Chi Yang, 223109
Postoperative Radiotherapy for Resected Stage ⅢA-N2 Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: A Population Study from 1988 to 2014 Using the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Database
ASTRO Poster Library, Wanqin Zeng, 223129
Clinical Outcomes and Prognostic Factors in Limited-stage Small cell Lung Cancer Patients Treated With Intensive Modified Radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Xuan Liu, 223150
Assessing Health Care Personnel Experiences with a Telephone-Based Interpreter Service for Patients with Limited English Proficiency
ASTRO Poster Library, Gregor Manukian, 223172
International Survey on the Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicines for Common Toxicities of Radiation Therapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Aleksandra Kuczmarska-Haas, 223175
Uptake of whole breast hypofractionation: a rapid review of the literature
ASTRO Poster Library, Matthew Culbert, 223190
Identifying Potential Associations Between Patient Reported Outcomes and Normal Structure Dose Metrics in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Using a Big Data Approach
ASTRO Poster Library, Joel Wilkie, 223214
Breast Cancer Patients Perceive Psychosocial Side Effects of Cancer Radiotherapy as Worse than Non-Breast Cancer Patients
ASTRO Poster Library, Patrick Williams, 223253
Outcomes in DCIS patients treated with hypofractionated whole breast radiotherapy with integrated boost compared to standard fractionation with concomitant boost
ASTRO Poster Library, Jonathan Paly, 223286
A Phase 2 Study of Hypofractionated Partial Breast Irradiation (HF-PBI) in Women with Early Stage Breast Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Penny Fang, 223307
Use of Preoperative Radiotherapy in Early and Advanced Stage Breast Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Julie Koenig, 223326
Time-Driven Activity-Based Cost Analysis of CT-Guided Intraoperative High-Dose Rate Brachytherapy Versus Whole Breast Irradiation in the Treatment of Early Stage Breast Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Jason Sanders, 223346
A comparative study on the target volumes defined using preoperative prone magnetic resonance image and postoperative prone computed tomography image based deformable image registration for external-beam partial breast irradiation
ASTRO Poster Library, Ting Yu, 223366
Management of loco-regional recurrent breast cancer after prior radiation to the breast or chest wall
ASTRO Poster Library, Christine Koch, 223386
The tumor-infiltrating T-cell receptor-b repertoire is linked to risk of radiation-induced temporal lobe necrosis in locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma
ASTRO Poster Library, LiFu Wu, 221560
High Frequency Percussive Ventilation for Chest Wall Motion Immobilization
ASTRO Poster Library, Ina Sala, 221569
Identifying Survivorship Needs Among Women with Breast Cancer after Receiving Radiation Therapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Kiri Sandler, 222549
A Simple Cardiac Sparing Strategy for Left Breast Radiotherapy Using Right Semi-Decubitus Positioning
ASTRO Poster Library, Claire Fung, 222569
Nasal Colonization with Staphylococcus Aureus Before Radiotherapy Predicts Radiation Dermatitis: A Prospective Study
ASTRO Poster Library, Alexandra Rzepecki, 222589
Therapeutic Options for Locally Advanced Cervix Cancer: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis
ASTRO Poster Library, Niloy Datta, 222628
Clinical observation of trimodalthermochemoradiotherapy for locally advanced cervical cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Shengjun Ji, 222648
Comparison of single slice versus volume based evaluation of 3T MRI apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values in a prospective imaging trial of definitive chemoradiation for locally advanced cervical cancer patients
ASTRO Poster Library, Mitchell Kamrava, 222652
Post-Treatment Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio (NLR) as a Predictor of Outcomes and its Association with Incidental Splenic Radiotherapy dose in Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer (LACC)
ASTRO Poster Library, Aneesh Pirlamarla, 222676
Impacts of Definitive Pelvic Radiotherapy on the Survival of Patients with Newly Diagnosed Metastatic Cervical Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Yuefeng Wang, 222697
To Evaluate the Feasibility of Minimizing Ovarian Dose in Irradiation of Abdominal and Pelvic Malignancies by applying Optimal Margin in Helical Tomotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Kei Tai Tam, 222717
Positive Lymph Node Ratio and Number in Endometrial Cancer: A Better Predictor for Survival and Treatment Effect than FIGO Staging?
ASTRO Poster Library, Scott Glaser, 222737
Is Radiotherapy Dose Escalation for Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) Still Required with Modern Multi-Modality Treatment: A Multi-Institution Retrospective Review, 2000-2011
ASTRO Poster Library, Rahul Arora, 222750
A Comparison of Prospectively Collected Genitourinary and Gastrointestinal Toxicities and Dose Volume Histogram in Patients Treated with Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy or Non-Intensity-Modulated Post-Operative Radiation Therapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Sarah Nicholas, 222777
To irradiate or not to irradiate in ovarian cancer?
ASTRO Poster Library, Rodica Anghel, 222808
Neoadjuvant Compared to Adjuvant Chemotherapy as Part of Trimodality Therapy for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma
ASTRO Poster Library, Virginia Osborn, 222836
Treatment-Related Lymphopenia is an Independent Predictor of Survival in Patients with Lung Cancer Treated via Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Clayton Alonso, 222857
Patient Outcomes Following SBRT Versus IR-based Procedures for Early Stage NSCLC
ASTRO Poster Library, Michael Baine, 222877
Long Term Radiographic and Clinical Course in Chest Wall Toxicity following Thoracic Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Christopher Chipko, 222897
Adjuvant Chemotherapy Following Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Is Associated with Decreased Overall Survival: A National Cancer Database Analysis
ASTRO Poster Library, Corey Foster, 222917
Effects of Trastuzumab on Locoregional Recurrence in Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2-Overexpressing Breast Cancer Patients Treated with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
ASTRO Poster Library, Seung Hyuck Jeon, 222969
Tumor Control and Toxicity Following SBRT for Ultracentral, Central and Paramediastinal Lung Tumors
ASTRO Poster Library, Ky-Nam Nguyen, 223028
Early PET/CT response assessment for selective FDG PET-guided dose escalation in locally advanced NSCLC patients enrolled on the FLARE-RT protocol
ASTRO Poster Library, Jing Zeng, 223037
Ultra-central radiation of sixty-two thoracic tumors using 10 fraction stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT): outcome and toxicity analysis
ASTRO Poster Library, Sumit Sood, 223057
Effect of Radiotherapy Dose Fractionation on IDO Immune Status in Early Stage Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
ASTRO Poster Library, Weili Wang, 223077
Imaging/Molecular profiling of EGFR status in a Chinese population of inoperable NSCLC Adenocarcinomas
ASTRO Poster Library, Pei Yang, 223108
ASTRO Poster Library, K. Liang Zeng, 223128
Consolidation Radiation Therapy for Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer: Determining the Optimal Dose Using the National Cancer Data Base
ASTRO Poster Library, Peter Wu, 223153
Knowledge of Palliative Radiotherapy Amongst Oncology and Palliative Care Nurses
ASTRO Poster Library, Kim Hayden, 223171
Gender Differences in Health-Related Quality of Life (hrQOL) in Patients Undergoing Intracranial RT
ASTRO Poster Library, Jeff Burkeen, 223174
Risk factors of locoregional recurrence in patients with N2-3a breast cancer treated with post mastectomy radiation
ASTRO Poster Library, Yu Tang, 223189
Prolonged Opioid Dependence Following Post-Operative Head and Neck Radiation Therapy
ASTRO Poster Library, William Smith, 223252
Radiation associated hypertension in patients undergoing prostate irradiation
ASTRO Poster Library, Malcolm Mattes, 223266
Hypofractionated Partial Breast Irradiation after Breast-conserving Surgery for Patients with Low-risk Breast Cancer: Preliminary Safety Results in initial 50 Cases
ASTRO Poster Library, Jinli Ma, 223285
Disease control and survival outcomes for strut-adjusted volume implant for early-stage breast cancer in ASTRO Consensus Guidelines cautionary groups for accelerated partial breast irradiation: a single-institution experience
ASTRO Poster Library, Sai Duriseti, 223305

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